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Wonderful ways we enjoy the East Cape, Los Barriles, and Sea of Cortez   

Dolphins: Many dolphin species off the East Cape, such as the Long Beak Dolpin, engage in bow riding boat waves. The dolphins are propelled forward by the wave, and they will often twist and turn and even swim upside down as they glide through the water. Wake riding is similar, when dolphins swim along and surf in the waves created by the back of boats and ships. Dolphins will often leap in the air when bow riding or wake riding. Did you know that the Killer Whale, or Orca, is a member of the dolphin family?


Snorkeling and Scuba Diving on the East Cape of Baja. The Sea of Cortez offers excellent scuba, free diving, and snorkeling. There is a fantastic diversity of marine life easily accessible to divers and snorkelers. The convergence of tropical influences from the south and temperate conditions from the north bring together an amazing array of species. There are also local dive shops and charters available on the East Cape.



Camping on East Cape's beaches offers sun, sand, whale watching, surfing and fishing. Camping facilities vary from undeveloped sites with no amenities to fully equipped campgrounds and RV parks. The Sea of Cortez supports more than 6,000 species of marine life, including 900 kinds of fish, making its beaches prime destinations for fishermen, divers and seafood lovers.

"Punta Pescadero is one of my favorite destinations anywhere for camping and snorkeling." ~ Patricia


Tennis with an ocean view and breeze anyone? Yes, and there are plenty of great opportunities for biking, hiking, and other land-based sports on the East Cape. With our wonderful weather, these sports can be pursued year-round.

  How about golf with an ocean view and breeze too?  Absolutely!  There are many beautiful, challenging 18-hole golf courses to enjoy in nearby San Jose and Cabo San Lucas.  We hope to have one coming soon to the East Cape too, an 18-hole Trent Jones ocean-view golf course at the Cabo Riviera Marina. 
LIghthouse Point Estates Beachfront lot A-122 For Sale  

East Cape Beaches: Los Barriles and the East Cape have an abundance of white sand beaches where at times, you can walk for miles without seeing another person.  The warm, clear water here is excellent for diving and world-class sport fishing, windsurfing, and kiteboarding. The East Cape is also home to beautiful resorts, a living coral reef, and quiet beaches where you can relax and renew. 


Gray Whale Breeding Grounds: The waters off Baja California are home to several species of great whales including Blue, Fin, Bryde's, Humpback, Orca, Sperm, and many others. This is perhaps the richest area in the world for whale and dolphin diversity. The world's entire population of Gray Whales breeds in the lagoons on the west side of the peninsula. A favorite destination for gray whales and whale-watchers is San Ignacio Lagoon on the Pacific side of Baja Sur. More information about gray whales can be found at Gray Whales


We live in a desert: Baja provides some of Mexico's most dramatic sea and landscapes. This includes everything from vast and remote deserts, dormant volcanos, and wonderful old mission towns.  There are opportunites for beautiful hikes, from easy to difficult, to breath-taking vistas all over the East Cape. 

  Birding on the East Cape is an activity that most everyone can enjoy because birds abound and are easy to observe here. Areas to search are arroyos, shore, desert, estuaries, lagoons, and mountains. Baja Sur has dozens of species of shorebirds and pelagics, three speceis of doves, multitudes of raptors, hummingbirds, passerines, swallows, thrashers, quail, flycatchers, orioles, woodpeckers, wrens, cardinals, sparrows, waterfowl, corvids, to name a few. There are about 400 different species of birds, including 6 endemics: the cape pygmy owl, Xantus's hummingbird, gray thrasher, Belding's yellowthroat, Baird's junco, and San Lucas robin.

Sport Fishing: The East Cape and Baja Sur have long been regarded as having some of the best places for fishing in the world. Marlin, sailfish, tuna, yellowtail, wahoo, roosterfish, and dorado are abundant in the blue waters surrounding the peninsula. Fishing licenses are available at the website described below.


Humpback Whale Watching:  Humpback whales are found in all oceans of the world and are a highly migratory species, the longest migration route measuring almost 5000 miles in each direction. They spend spring through fall on feeding grounds in Alaska and migrate in the fall to their breeding grounds in Hawaii, Mexico and Japan during winter. At close range Humpback whales are easily distinguished from any other large whales by their remarkably long flippers, which bright white on the bottom and about one third of their body length.  There are only about 80,000 humpbacks worldwide.


We Support a Catch-and-Release Philosophy.  East Cape Realty Group believes strongly in conserving our natural resources and supports the World-wide Billfish Foundation’s catch-and-release program.  In fact, 85% of billfish are released to fight another day, more than 1,600 this past year alone. East Cape anglers are asked to please fish responsibly and protect the fisheries for our future generations.                                                                                                                                             Capitan J.


Sea Turtle Protection: Five species of turtles nest on the shore of the East Cape: The Green Sea turtle, Hawksbill, Olive Ridley, Loggerhead, and extremely rare giant Leatherback turtle. Los Barriles participates in important turtle conservation programs. Volunteers identify nests, make warning signs and barriers to protect incubating eggs, and help escort the hatchlings to the Sea of Cortez. More information about this important work and its dedicated volunteers can be found on their Facebook page Grupo Tortuguero Los Barriles


A fishing license is required and can be purchased HERE: www.bajasursportfishing.com  

You can pay with your credit card in minutes and print your license. Funds are used for the protection and conservation of fishing resources and more.  Please fish responsibly.

                                                         Capt. J


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   Cell phone service in Baja Mexico and on the East Cape of Baja.

   To the best of my knowledge, Capt. J

    I have bought several unlocked iPhones Global Network ready (GSM) and they work great here. Just install a       Tecel Micro Chip and bingo bango you're hot.

    I have an extra iPhone 4s available, all set up on the Telcel Network.  Contact me if you need a phone.



Telcel Mexico Features:

Bal: *133#

English: *264

Voice Mail *86

Amigo Optimo - Pre-Paid

Pay 200 Every 30 days

TCell to TCell  $.98      $.08 Cents

TCell to USA $1.98   $.16 Cents

TCell Data 1 peso per Mega Bite

3 Free Numbers talk up to 5 mins.


Cellular Networks:

Global standard - GSM  - Global System Mobile

Telcel is on a GSM network, the Global Standard

Verizon and Sprint phones will not work on GSM

Your cellular phone will work here, but make sure you know how much your roaming fees, or you might find yourself with a cellular bill that outweighs your bar bill!

For Canadians, Bell, Fido, Rogers & Telus work in Mexico. Those from the US - AT&T, T-Mobile work in Mexico. Press and hold zero until you get a + symbol then dial the 10 digit number to call back home, or dial 001 area code and number on the Telcel network.

If you plan on an extended stay, consider using a GSM chip from any of the local phone companies such as Telcel, Movie-star or USACEL. A GSM chip from Telcel is around $150 pesos and you can use it in any unlocked mobile phone that accepts a SIM card.

You can also buy phones for as little as $300 pesos with a SIM chip included. You simply refill your phone with phone cards that are sold everywhere, or just visit any OXXO convenience store and they will put minutes on your phone.

Most locals use the Telcel Amigo plan which is pay as you go. You can buy credit in the following amounts including the bonus offered (bonus offer is not always valid and can change from time to time):

$100 (no bonus)
$200 (gives up to $260)
$300 (gives up to $450)
$500 (gives up to $900)

TIP:  To find out how much money you have in your Amigo account, dial *133#

NEW:  Recharge your phone at any OXXO, it's super easy and they are everywhere.

Buy a minimum of $200 pesos and rate will be 1 peso a minute or about $.08 and 2 pesos a minute when calling the USA or Canada.  When you buy a refill, it lasts for 60 days.  At the end of the 60 days, regardless of your balance, you will not be able to make calls, but you will be able to receive calls.  When you purchase more credit, all unused credit will be re-activated.  As long as you keep refilling your phone, you get to keep your credit.  If you stop, at a certain point you lose your number and any credit you had.

Telcel: For customer support, Telcel Amigo subscribers may dial *264 from their mobile phone, or one may dial the network's

toll-free number, 01-800-71-05-687.

To check remaining balance dial *333, option 1

To check remaining balance by text dial *133# (costs $1 peso)

Transfer minutes to another phone:

SMS text the number 7373, in the message - type in the phone # you want to transfer minutes to, then space, then peso value (100 max per text). Press send.

You should register your phone by calling *264 You may need to ask for an English speaking person or Hable en English por favor.

Not only will you no longer be bugged by the message:  "Estamado usario...", but if you lose your phone, you can transfer your number and remaining credit to a new chip and you are good to go!

Amigo Telcel Mexico  
TIP:  When entering an Amigo code, you dial *333. There is an option to switch languages, but it's in Spanish.  Press # to switch to English.

TIP:  If you have had your TelCel Amigo number for 1 year or more, you can get a discounted rate on your calls simply by asking for it.  You can find the number to call on any refill card you buy.  You will see $1.17 and somewhere in there a number to call. 

Telcell Data:  1 peso per Mega Bite no plan. This works for me and I barely notice the charges. Great for email, texting, Facebook, and Messenger.

Need to use your phone as a HOT SPOT, you may need a data plan.

Tip:  WiFi is almost everywhere, get connected and get free access.

Tip:  Go to settings and turn off data access via Telcel - 3G - Turn it on again when you need it. 3G is just starting to appear here on the East Cape. 

Data Plan - If you use a lot of data, simply text the following to 5050:

bat1 - $49 pesos (100 MB or 1 day)
bat2 - $79 pesos (200 MB or 2 days)
bat7 - $199 pesos (700 MB or 7 days)
bat15 - $299 pesos (1.5 GB or 15 days)
bat30 - $499 pesos (3 GB or 30 days)

You will get a confirmation text message that the service is activated and a confirmation message when either you run of of MB or days.



Kite Boarding and Wind Surfing on the East Cape of Baja is famous around the world for perfect conditions during the winter months. "Lord of the Winds" is a world-reknown competition, drawing participants from all the oceans of the world. Proceeds go directly to Rotary Cabo de Este, where they are used for local improvements and projects, such as our community's childcare center.  Photo:  Copyright © 2012 Capt. J.

      Los Barriles Information