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Mexico and Baja Homeowner's Insurance

Hurricane * Earthquake * Palapa  Coverage Available

Mexico Homeowners Insurance: Hurricane and Earthquake coverage available.   To receive a FREE homeowner's quote, contact us via phone or email.

          * Phone: 505.312.5718 - MX Cell 1.624.110.0187

Mexico Auto Insurance: Buy on-line in minutes with Driver's License and Registration. Baja Mexico - Liability insurance is mandatory. Get 5 quotes in 5 minutes on-line.

Phone: 505.312.5718 - MX Cell 1.624.110.0187

  Mexico Watercraft Liability Insurance                          Don't leave dock without it!                       Call us for quoteGive us a call! We can provide coverage over the phone and email your policy within minutes.  You will need your Driver's License Number and Make and Model of the watercraft.

         Phone: 505.312.5718 - MX Cell 1.624.110.0187

Mexico-registered vehicles can be insured in about 5 days. The underwriters in Mexico will require a copy of your Mexico Registration and Driver's License.  

        * Phone: 505.312.5718 - MX Cell 1.624.110.0187


Mexico Health Insurance:  Get a medical insurance quote and purchase within minutes. No medical exam required - Open network in Mexico. The best plan for most U.S. and Canadian residents is the HCC Atlas Travel Insurance Plan, which can be purchased by the month and includes medical evacuation.  Please call me if you have questions. Major Medical Policies also available.
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Please call one of our friendly agents, James, Christi or Patricia, about any of your insurance needs. 



HOT TIPS from "The Insurance Guy"

Auto Laws and Insurance:. This information is deemed to be correct; however, please seek professional legal advice if you believe you need it.

Proof of liability insurance is required in Baja California. The fine is about $2600 pesos.  Basic liability insurance is available at a fraction of the cost of U.S. insurance for both short trip and year-round coverage. Your U.S. insurance in MOST CASES is NOT valid in Mexico.  If you drive without coverage and have an accident, your car can be impounded until you make restitution.  If the accident results in personal injury, you can be detained until the situation is resolved.  The car that 'does the hitting' is often judged to be 'at fault.'  Authories are doing random vehicle checks for "Proof of Liability Insurance"  in San Jose, Cabo San Lucas and around the East Cape.

Seatbelts are required in both Baja States.

Talking on a cell phone while driving is illegal in both Baja California and Baja California Sur.  It is a +$800 pesos fine in BCS.  Please pull over in a safe spot if you must talk on the phone or text.  We would like to see you around for a while longer. This activity kills!

Get a laminated copy of your driver's license and carry that one in your wallet and keep the original in a safe place. You can get documents laminated at Chapitos in Los Barriles.

Have both the Spanish and English versions of your policy in the vehicle, so you can demonstrate that you have coverage. Also, on a separate piece of paper, record the toll-free number to call if you are in an accident and your friendly agent's name and number. We will always do whatever we can to assist you at this time. Please don't hesitate to call us!

Atlas Travel Insurance is for you, whether you are traveling for business or pleasure. Plans are available from a minimum of 5 days or more. In addition to Medical Benefits for injuries and illnesses, Atlas Travel Insurance includes benefits for EMERGENCY MEDICAL EVACUATION, terrorism, political evacuation, and adventure sports. Choose your decductable amount.

You are required to have proof of insurance (Spanish Version) in the auto.

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