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Bahía Sueños | Bay of Dreams Living

.. Several highly respected businessmen and an experienced luxury resort development team have joined together to create the world’s most exclusive private resort community of the highest quality, Bahía de los Sueños (The Bay of Dreams). Grande Bahía has assembled their development team which consists of professionals that have repeatedly proven their ability to design and develop world class resort and hospitality products. Their deep knowledge of the affluent traveler and high-profile individual has motivated them to combine all the elements of the highest hospitality service standards, luxury living and activities in a single destination. They also share a common passion for only the very best in quality lifestyle and services.


The Team shares a long-term commitment to develop a secure, serviced resort sanctuary within the natural environment of the Baja desert on Bahía de los Sueños. We wish to enhance and enrich the lives and lifestyles of individuals and families from around the world, through the creation of unique and fulfilling recreational home environment. Bahía de los Sueños will be exotic and innovative. It will be programmed and developed with the highest-end consumer in mind and will be responsive to their sophisticated needs.

Concurrently, world economics has produced a growing number of highly affluent people who can afford to fulfill this need for alternative, multiple and remote home environments. Personal wealth has become a reality for a large and growing segment of the world’s population. No longer the exclusive domain of an invisible few, more people than ever are reaping the material rewards for achievement, business  and  investment success. International travel, personal ownership of airplanes and luxury personal watercraft, the numbers of people benefiting from inherited wealth as well as the escalating numbers of nouveau riche all attest to an unprecedented availability of discretionary financial resources.



The quality of the Bahía de los Sueños property has allowed the team to design and create a private resort village and community. Visitors, owners, residents and investors alike will derive great satisfaction and reward through their membership and participation in this village. The property itself offers unprecedented richness. Discovered and patiently secured over time, (based on one individual’s lifetime of love for the area), it is pristine – unspoiled by either development or tourism. It is first of all, vast: 4,300 acres. Beyond its scope however, this remarkable place, reminiscent of the cradle of civilization itself, has everything; soothing sun, tranquil seas, rugged mountains, lush tropical vegetation, multiple beaches, sand, rocks, and plenty of space and terrain. Truly the perfect place for a luxury resort village, its scope allows for a highly profitable density of development and revenue producing features, while affording its owners and residents an astounding sense of space, privacy and awe-inspiring capacity for as much personal retreat as they desire.


If home is where the heart is, once you’ve been to Bahía de los Sueños, you’ll always call it home.


Plans to build out this project as proposed are subject to change without notice or obligation. This promotional material is not intended to constitute an offer to sell in any state where prior registration is required.


Bahía Sueños | Bay of Dreams | Fact Sheet

An exclusive seaside retreat on the shores of the Sea of Cortez in Baja California Sur, Bahía de los Sueños rests on an extraordinary 4,300-acre swath of pristine beach, mountain and desert. This residential resort community is planned to embrace over 1,000 homes and feature an elite game fishing club and Tom Doak 18-hole golf course as its pair of centerpieces. There will also be a bustling Golf & Beach Club, boutique hotels, gourmet restaurants, equestrian facilities, Nature Center, and off-roading component. Bahía de los Sueños, the Bay of Dreams, is poised to become an exclusive five-star resort community to rival the greatest destinations in the world.


Scope of Bahía de los Sueños


Bahía de los Sueños encompasses approximately 4,300 total acres. An estimated 450 home sites and 750 medium to high density villas have been approved for Phase 1. Additional Phase 1 highlights include 6 ½ miles of oceanfront with 1 ¼ miles of white sand beach, hotels, and retail center.


Located 35 miles southeast of La Paz, Bahía de los Sueños is a 45-minute drive or a 25-minute plane journey from Los Cabos. Plans for the property include a private airport, large enough to accommodate G-5s, which is approximately a two hour plane flight form Southern California.

Community Design & Architecture

Inspired by the world’s greatest seaports, Bahía de los Sueños’ eclectic mix of structures combine attributes popular in the Caribbean and Mediterranean with building characteristics that are more prevalent in coastal Indonesia and Mexico. The Village Authentically Mexican and reminiscent of a classic seaside village, The Village will serve as the central gathering place of Bahía de los Sueños. Cantinas, tapas and tequila bars, quaint boutiques, gourmet bistros, and dockside dive shops will ensure plenty of activity.


• Fishing Club On par with the globe’s most legendary sport fishing clubs, The Fishing Club at Bahía de los Sueños is sure to gain an enviable reputation. The elite club will offer outstanding seafood cuisine, a game fish library, and is anticipated to host a number of tournaments. Charter boats, captains and crews, and state-of-the-art equipment will be available at members’ disposal.

• Sea of Cortez Research Fund (SCRF) Leading the way for its members, the Club will create the Sea of Cortez Research Fund, committing to sustain, conserve and restore the waters and wildlife of Bahía de los Sueños.

• El Malecón This boardwalk is a romantic walkway rambling along the coastline of the shimmering Sea of Cortez. Strolling el malecón with one’s family or sweetheart is part of the Mexican culture.


El Gran Sueño Golf & Beach Club

Doak masterfully intertwines the natural topography of this 18-hole course, taking you on a journey through exquisite arroyo canyons, magnificent mountains, and white sand dunes all against the backdrop of pristine beaches and stunning views of the Sea of Cortez.

• Tom Doak Known for his minimalist philosophy and eco-friendly golf course artistry, Tom Doak was schooled at Cornell and caddied at Scotland’s famous St. Andrew’s. Doak has studied the design of over 1,000 courses, including the great links of the British Isles, upon which the game evolved. Three Doak courses are featured on Golf Magazine’s “Top Fifty Golf Courses in the World”

• Caddie Program The club will also sponsor a Caddie Program to benefit the area’s youth. Plans for the Caddie Scholarship include each year’s winner receiving tuition at an accredited university in Mexico or the United States.

• Barefoot Family Golf 9-holes of Barefoot Golf will wander whimsically through Bahía de los Sueños. Golfers can choose to whiz through this short course in about an hour.

• Maintenance Committed to utilizing renewable resources and employing principles of sustainable living, the course is planned to be irrigated by renewable waters from the Sea of Cortez and implement a salt-tolerant grass.

• Clubhouse The El Gran Sueño Golf & Beach Club will be an exceptionally warm and welcoming venue with splendid vistas of white sand beach, sparkling seas, jade fairways, and vast desert. Here you will find dining, spa, fitness center, pools, and pro shop..                         


• Activities The Club will host lively social events, a range of community classes, and the Tortuga Kid’s Club. Also available for members will be kayaks, catamarans, sailboats, and Zodiacs plus fishing, scuba and snorkeling gear.

Los Charros

Located at a hub of equestrian trailheads will be the corrals and stables of the Los Charros equestrian center. Trail guides and horses will be available for residents and their guests.

Cardón Nature Center

The Cardón Nature Center will lead the push to help preserve the natural abundance that makes this part of the Baja so unique. Activities at the Center may include bird watching and mountain jeep tours as well as guided hikes through the centuries-old Cardón forest and surrounding trails.

Sustainable Living

As part of its pledge of stewardship, Bahía de los Sueños will embrace principles of sustainable living and search out renewable energy sources to help power its homes. Possible elements include a desalinization plant to draw seawater from the Cortez and distill it into its potable form, and roof water catchments to capture rainfall to be used for both drinking water and to feed the landscape. Studies will be conducted on solar and windmill farms that would provide clean and cost-efficient energy to all the residents. Homes are to be built with the utmost sensitivity to the environment. Thoughtful architectural design will minimize building waste. The use of materials with a higher percentage of recycled content, and the use of high-efficiency windows that will allow homes to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter, is planned.

Touring Interest Registry is now open by calling 818-788-5353 or eMailing Info@BayOfDreamsLiving.com

Sales for first release of Phase 1 home sites is currently under way. Tom Doak 18-hole golf course. Ready Golf!!

Plans to build out this project as proposed are subject to change without notice or obligation. This promotional material is not intended to constitute an offer to sell in any state where prior registration is required.

Bahía Sueños | Bay of Dreams | Master Plan

Plans to build out this project as proposed are subject to change without notice or obligation. This promotional material is not intended to constitute an offer to sell in any state where prior registration is required.

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