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 Casa Victoria - Santiago B.C.S.

Casa Victoria - Note from the Owner


My obsession began in 1964 in Denver Colorado when an urban renewal project named Larimer Square started up. I was in college studying architecture and interior design when an opportunity to lease and renovate a historical building in Larimer Square came to me as in a dream. It was a decrepit, enormous 3-story warehouse with collapsed floors that landed in the basement. That project was the first of 54 years of fun.

Many renovations and restorations which included a turn-of-the-century farmhouse, 1880's ranch houses, retail buildings, and some new ground-up projects readied me for another restoration project in the historic block of colonial Santiago, B.C.S. founded in 1724 by Jesuit priests. This hacienda now Casa Victoria is the oldest home in Santiago, it was built in 1886 and rendered unlivable 60 years ago when the ends of the palm tree roof structure rotted and collapsed on the floor. 


.With one eye on creating a functioning habitation and another on preserving history, restoring and renovating  Casa Victoria to this stage has been rewarding. What is special about this preservation project in addition to being the oldest structure in town, it is the jewel of this pueblo representing the history and culture of the local people for over 130 years. It is with a deep respect for the history and this community that I find it is time for me to move on. 

 I will be forever grateful for the memorable experience of living with the local people of Santiago many of whom I consider family.  Muchas Gracias       

Casa Victoria - Important Information
The first order of business was to remove 45 heaping dump trucks full of debris.
  • Survey and perimeter fencing:
  • Installed new CFE electric service meter and cable to the new panel (10) 20 AMP Breakers            
  • One 20 AMP circuit to the instant-on hot water heater to the kitchen sink                                             
  • All New water lines to in the house and 9 zones in the yard for irrigation.
  • New domestic water pressure tank and 3,000 Ltr storage tank with a submersible pump. 
  • New 250 Ltr propane tank with service to the kitchens.
  • Instant Hot water for the Kitchens.


 Santiago Baja California Sur

 Casa Victoria Photo Album







Above a new structural concrete roof is being poured, this will stabilize the 130-year-old walls.

  • All the underground services to the property are new.
  • The backyard was filled to provide a pleasant slope to the garden and the arroyo.
  • All the original old growth was preserved and new landscaping and fauna were added. 
  • There are magnificent Cacti on the property over 50 years old. 
  • Irrigation was installed through a network of 9 zones.
  • Drainage away from structures was established. 
  • A professionally engineered superstructure of concrete footings, columns, beams, and roofs was constructed. The structure with its original walls is now safe and stable. 
  • The interior walls have had the surface debris removed, some patching was necessary, however, the walls remain exposed and the new owner may decide on the final finish. 
  • All window and door openings were resized, and all new custom exterior doors and windows were installed. The window and doors are made from cedar naturally resistant to termites. 
  • The electrical service and all the wiring were replaced a brought up to current standards, a grounded system.
  • All the plumbing was replaced with new piping and American Standard fixtures. 
  • Steel and glass skylights were installed in the master bath, master bedroom, and entry hall.
  •  decorative window bars and secure metal doors,
  • All fixtures, faucets, and door hardware are in storage. Original doors were preserved for future installation.
  • Two Palo chino beams were installed creating an architectural feature between the living room and entry. ,
  • Parts of the exterior of the structure were plastered. The front facade was restructured the parapet had to be rebuilt and painted, the front was landscaped, and a teak wood entry gate was installed. 
  • Kitchen:  Windows were expanded and replaced. Everywhere in Casa Victoria and in the Casita new doors and windows were installed. All the electrical and plumbing were replaced completely, along with instant-hot water heaters for the Kitchens.  An 1880s Colorado enameled kitchen farm sink a new double-door refrigerator, and gas stoves were installed.  A New laundry room was established. An extra-thick palapa roof with glass skylights provides wonderful natural light to Casa Victoria's kitchen. 
  • The floors are ready for a finished surface of the buyer's choice.
  • The new structural concrete roof was insulated and an impermeable roof coating was applied.  
  • Please feel free to ask any questions about Casa Victoria. All the hard work has been completed only the final finished selections remain. 






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