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Christmas on the East Cape of Baja  - From the Blog of the Visitor


This year we decided to escape from the cold North of America and have part of the holidays in a sandy and warm Mexico. Michele and I flew out of the John F. Kennedy International Airport and with one stop at Los Angeles International Airport with took a direct flight to Los Cabos International Airport. After landing, we got on a shuttle bus that drove us about one and a half hours to our final destination Rancho Leonero on the East Cape of Baja.

Rancho Leonero is situated on a small point, about 20 minutes south of Los Barriles and it's a community with several miles of the private white sandy beach. It contains some of the last remainings of the reef that once existed in the Sea of Cortez and during the 50's it used to be a very popular place for the celebrities from the USA. Now there is the resort containing the old lodge, set bungalows, and a new two-story hotel section. We also saw some of the very nice homes along the beach that are mostly settled by the owners from the USA that decided to start a new life on the East Cape of Baja. 

We spent our first morning, taking off fishing. I managed to catch a couple of Cornetfish, a Ladyfish and finally the first Rooster Fish that I had been wanting to catch for such a long time. It seems that I got lucky with these waters.

We borrowed la mesa de masaje and Michele and I did massage at the edge of the sunny pool area. In the meantime, some couple from Canada, John and Susan came and sit next to us, and spontaneously we got into the conversation, so on the end, we spent almost the whole afternoon there enjoying in a good weather and making company to each other. 

The second day we all decided to go out fishing at Lighthouse Point Estates, where Dorado is know to hang out. On our journey, we saw a group of dolphins on about 30 meters from us going toward some unknown destination.  Also at some moment, we saw a shark leaping out of the water, probably running for its prey. In Lighthouse Point Estates, I managed to catch a small dorado and the luck was more on Jonh's side that hooked into a big one that weight was around 25-30 lbs. The biggest excitement came with Marlin fish that we spotted leaping out of the water couple of times, but we didn't manage to make it go into on our hook. 

Later, Michele and I did some snorkeling in the proximity to our resort and it was a pretty good experience. We saw a lot of small jacks, snappers, trigger-fish, pompano, porgy, puffers, and a host of aquarium-type fish. We also spent some time taking some sun on the beach and went back to resort.

We spent Christmas Day in the comfort of our resort. Later, we invited our Canadian friends to join us and have a dinner under the stars, beside the pool of the resort. It always gives a special feeling when you spend a Christmas Day surrounded by palm trees and white sandy beach, blessed by a good weather. 

A day after Christmas we decided to spend in Los Barriles in some restaurant in the front of the beach. The weather conditions were more than good: bright blue sky, the outside temperature of 86 F, Sea of Cortez convenient for swimming, and the drink & food at the restaurant were above expectations. 

We had four days more of vacation on the East Cape of Baja. One of the activities that we were especially enjoying was hiking in the mountains of Sierra de la Laguna. It has a perfect nature with beautiful streams, small waterfalls, and peaks that provide spectacular panoramic views of the Sea of Cortez. 

It's time to go back. We are packing our things are heading back to take a flight back to our home in USA. We are also bringing a lot of positive energy and with a hope that we are going to come again in the future, explore more and who knows, maybe someday start a new life as the permanent resident of the East Cape of Baja.