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End of Summer - East Cape of Baja

Market Report - Sold Properties

  Zafiro Beachfront Villas   New Listing Alert - Zafiro Estates  

A-73 5,089 s.f. / $1,603,039.00 / $315 per s.f.

A-74 5,089 s.f. / $1,679,370.00 / $330 per s.f.

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Casa Duke

5,000 s.f. / $1.8M / $360 per s.f.

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Beachfront Villas on the Sea of Cortez

  Besides Four Seasons at Costa Palmas, we have discovered another jewel of the East Cape and the Sea of Cortez - Zafiro Estates. If you have always dreamed about living in a modern contemporary house in the perfect tranquillity, only a few steps from the ocean and white sandy beach, then this is something that you cannot miss. Living peacefull life as if you are somewhere in the countryside, but still not more than 25 minutes north would not separate you from all town amenities that you need, and about 30 minutes south would take you to be in one of the most beautiful snorkeling paradises in the world - Cabo Pulmo National Park. The house is surrounded by the glass walls that will allow you to enjoy spectacular views of the Sea of Cortez from the living room or the kitchen while you are preparing your favorite meal and you can have your dinner under the stars on the travertine patio, listening to music of the ocean caused by the tide during the sunset. One of the units also has a pool, which would be one more way to relax and it's enough spacious and suitable for kids, that are going to absolutely love it. Finally, there is a great storage space of 3-stall garage where you can store your cars and plenty of your beach toys after you finish with your water games on the Sea of Cortez. We invite you and encourage you to give us a call and schedule a tour with us to Zafiro, because this is an opportunity that is going to bring a little piece of heaven into your lives.



Villas de Cortez, Casa Potter

1,100 s.f. / $360k / $327 per s.f.

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Yoga on the Sea of Cortez

Yoga is becoming more and more popular in the whole world and there are more and more people who perform this ancient technique in order to reduce stress, improve health and increase creativity. We all know that practicing of Yoga is unimaginable without a peaceful place where you can feel the harmony with nature. How about performing Yoga on the East Cape of Baja, where the neighborhoods are settled in a perfect tranquility, with endless white sandy beaches without the crowd, where you cannot hear anything except gentle sounds of waves that are coming from the Sea of Cortez. There is no better way to start the day than to be silhouetted by the rising sun, with arms raised in salute, bowing to the morning. On the other hand, if you are among those ones who prefer like to perform it in the evening, during the sunset, you can still come to the same place and feel the same peace and harmony such as in the morning. What about if you would like to start with this activity and you are somebody completely new in this!? Even though Yoga might be very complex and very demanding, especially at the advanced stage, basic Yoga should be easy for everybody who wishes to start and there is enough material on the internet, so you can get good guidelines on how to perform it by yourself. However, if you feel more comfortable in the group, we invite you to come to Hotel Buena Vista, where you can try "Health and Wellness Retreats" and get enlightened with the help of professional.

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Mar y Sol Condominiums, Villa 2

1,700 s.f. / $470k / $257 per s.f.

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Mision Buena Vista

Ocean-View Lot 5 14,003 s.f. / $80k / $5.71 per s.f.

Ocean-View Lot 9 13,197 s.f. / $85k / $6.44 per s.f.

Ocean-View Lot 10 15,510 s.f. / $70k / $4.51 per s.f.

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Hurricane Season On the East Cape

  This season got off to an early start, we have recorded several near misses, the best kind, which brought much-needed rain to replenish our aquifers, resulting in turning the desert all green once again for us and all the wildlife that live in our desert habitat.


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It's not over yet, September is historically the most active month for Tropical Storm Activity.  

Category 5 Hurricane Protection for your Home. Be confident that your family and home are protected. 

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Lighthouse Point Estates

Beachfront Lot A-64 19,000 s.f. / $150k / $7.89 per s.f.

Ocean-View Lot C-116 s.f. 21,312 s.f. / $29k / $1.36 per s.f.

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News from the Country

Mexico has a new leader, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the liberal candidate won by 30 points. Generally, the markets and the currency have been steady. Today the peso is 18.865 per US dollar.  Interest rates established by the Central Bank have remained at the current 7.75% a nice return for local and international investors.  Capital has been pouring into the currency market from around the world, this is good for the currency and the Central Bank as not had to intervene, but stands ready if necessary.  Inflation is a little volatile in Mexico the new president has a goal to keep inflation below 3.5 % time will tell. 

The people want reforms and business wants a friendly president, time will tell how this balance plays out.  There is generally a positive air with the new government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, an agreement on Nafta is reported to be near.  Tourism for 2018 is expected to break new records in Baja.

USD to Peso 2018 - Graphic


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