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East Cape Realty 


Presentation of Lighthouse Point Estates


Hola Tony,

 My broker James asked me to send you the links where you will find all the beachfront properties 4 sale on  the East Cape of Baja, B.C.S


 Below are the Super Deals - Best Value - Best Location and Price


 Lot Number



Cost / S.F.



Lot A-127












Lighthouse Point Estates



Lot A-65





Lighthouse Point Estates


Lot D-63/64





Lighthouse Point Estates











Our Value Award almost one acre Ocean View Lots D-63 & D64 

* Value Award *

Follow the below links - All Beachfront Listings 


Lighthouse Point Estates: Click Here


All Beachfront Lots East Cape: Click Here





" We trust that during these challenging times that you and your family are Safe,  Healthy, and Happy.  We remain available to assist you whenever the time is right. You are welcome to call us anytime."

 I have copied my broker, James is also available to assist you. Please contact us with any questions or why not give us a call today. 

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Best regards, thanks

Marko & James

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