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Los Barriles makes our “Best Places to Live in Mexico” list for it’s close proximity to the U.S., it’s small town atmosphere, the large supportive English speaking expat community and it’s beautiful white sand beaches on the Sea of Cortez. Los Barriles is located in Baja California Sur, on the Sea of Cortez coast, 45 minutes from the International Airport in San Jose, about halfway between La Paz, the capital of Baja California Sur, and Cabo San Lucas.  It’s a small town of around 5000 residents, half of which are ex-patriots.  With nearly half the town being ex-patriots, English is spoken here but it’s helpful to know Spanish.  Click Here for More Information


Santiago is a small town in Los Cabos with a population of about 750 residents and it's nestled in a green valley between two hills, about 30 minutes south of Los Barriles. The whole area is well known for its fertile land, so the majority of locals are involved in the agriculture, producing mostly mangoes, avocados & palm leaves for the roofs. Also, there are 5 canyons in the Biosphere, each with its special features.  Agua Caliente in El Chorro and Santa Rita are well known for hot springs, while Bocca de la Sierra near Miraflores and San Dionisio are known for their waterways. One of the landmarks of the place is Canon de la Zorra or Canyon of Fox that can be reached a few miles north and then a short hike.  Click Here for More Information



Four Seasons Resort is a magnificent development located 45 minutes from International Airport, situated on 1000 acres of land spread on 2 miles long white sandy beach. It's set to put some of the most luxurious accommodations in the East Cape region, turning this calm and quiet side of Los Cabos, into the ultimate private Resort destination. This is one of the best Private Residence Clubs in the world, in which many great well designed with contemporary style vacation homes with all the amenities you could find at any high-end resort in the world.   Click Here for More Information

Baja California Sur has always been well known as one of the best places in the world for fishing. Whenever you come, at any period of time, you are going be amazed by the underwater life that Sea of Cortez has to offer.  However, if you want to catch some certain kind of species, you will probably want to look at the fishing calendar. The summertime on the East Cape of Baja is the best part of the fishing season in the sense of the diversity of the species and if you want to come for that reason, you are not going to regret. Come and experience a real fishing paradise on the Earth.     Click Here for More Information




The Mexican economy continues to going relatively stable with low inflation rates. However, we shouldn't expect spectacular growth rates during the next year, because it seems that the main focus of the central bank is still controlled inflation within the targeted ranges and stability of prices. If we speak about Baja California Sur we can certainly hear some better news, particularly when it comes to tourism and real estate industry thanks to increased interests about this area primarily in the USA, but also thanks to the arisen interests of some West European countries like England, Germany, and France. Also the salaries continue to be among the highest in whole Mexico with an average of $843 USD per month or $13,239 Mexican Pesos.                Click Here for More Information


Zafiro Estates  Four Seasons Resort Cabo Pulmo
on the Sea of Cortez Construction Progress  National Marine Park

Casa Duke  Zafiro Villa A-73   Zafiro Villa A-74
Buena Vista Lighthouse Point Estates Lighthouse Point Estates
5,000 s.f. / $1.8M / $360 per s.f. 5,089 s.f. / $1.2M / $235 per s.f. 5,089 s.f. / $1.59M / $312 per s.f.
. .
Casa Alegre Casa Spa Casa Victoria
Rancho Los Pinos Spa Buena Vista Santiago
5,423 s.f. / $829k / $146 per s.f. 3,011 s.f. / $500k / $182 per s.f. 1,865 s.f. / $325k / $174 per s.f.
Casa Potter - Villas de Cortez Calypso Condo  Unit 101- La Costa  
Los Barriles La Ventana Bay Mision Buena Vista
1,100 s.f. / $412k / $372 per s.f. 1,076 s.f. / $153k / $142 per s.f. 726 s.f. / $110k / $151per s.f.

Beachfront Marina Lot  Beachfront Golf Lot 50 Beachfront Lot A142
Costa Palmas Costa Palmas Lighthouse Point Estates
10,763 s.f. / $950k / $88 per s.f. 10,763 s.f. / $749k / $69 per s.f. 19,321 s.f. / $175k / $4.65 per s.f.
Beachfront Lot 7 Palmas Double Ocean-View Lot C37 & C38 Beachfront Lot A90
El Cardonal Lighthouse Point Estates Lighthouse Point Estates
21,713 s.f. / $185k / $8.52 per s.f. 40,385 s.f. / $100k / $2.47 per s.f. 19,321 s.f. / $90k / $4.65 per s.f.
Ocean-View Lot 5 Ocean-View Lot D-45 Ocean-View Lot D-22
Mision Buena Vista Lighthouse Point Estates Lighthouse Point Estates
14,003s.f. / $80k / $5.71 per s.f. 21,366 s.f. / $40k / $1.87 per s.f. 19,965 s.f. / $40k / $per s.f.







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